About the Chapter

Operating Framework

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Abu Dhabi Chapter ("the chapter") was established in October 1984 and operates under the legal umbrella (as a Member) of the Indian Business Professional Group, Abu Dhabi.


The main objective of the Chapter is to provide continual professional enhancement to its members and towards this end we organize seminars and events that are addressed by leading subject matter experts.


The key event in our professional activities calendar is the Annual International Seminar, which has been a regular feature on the program calendar since the first such event in October 1988. In addition to the annual seminars, evening talks and workshops are organized by the Chapter throughout the year


The Chapter's activities are organized by an elected body of members. The Executive Committee is responseible for identifying areas of interest to the members and organizing the events.

At present, the Chapter has over 600 members. The Chapter is supported the local business community in meeting its objectives of providing continual professional enhancement and a networking platform to its members. The accounts of the Chapter, which follows the calender year are subject to audit. These audited accounts are presented, discussed and adopted at our general meeting.